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A Brief Introduction to   Zhuhai College of Jinan University

   Zhuhai College of Jinan University is nestled in the heart of the picturesque city of Zhuhai. The park like 148-acre campus is just 10 minutes¡¯ drive from Gongbei Customs, the entrance to Macao.
 Founded in 1998, the college features an impressive, close-knit group of modern buildings. The new Comprehensive Building houses 50,000 square meters of teaching section, experimental section and library. In addition, the multifunctional Sports Center, the futuristic Dining Hall, the imposing Students¡¯ Activity Center and 9 well-designed dormitory buildings present a professional layout of a growing college. The Administration Building and the Research Center are under construction. Besides, the ideal setting of the mirrorlike lake, rolling knolls, flourishing trees, large lawns and lovely flowers produce a multicolor painting of the campus,which provides a comfortable and peaceful studying eviroment for students and teachers.
 At present, Zhuhai College of Jinan University supports 9 departments with 14 specilties in addition to 2 research institution and 1 Modern Educational Techniques Center. This year the enrollment is up to 5,000, including postgraduates.
In keeping with Jinan University¡¯s established emphasis on teaching quality, Zhuhai College¡¯s curriculum is guided by the philosophy of promoting competitive students aided by a wealth of qualified and dedicated teachers. Additionally, the college plays an active role in establishing ties both at home and abroad, which all contributes to develop its serious but dynamic academic atmosphere.
Welocome students from home and abroad to enjoy studying life in our college.